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Hixme Secures Funding and Works to Expand Markets and Benefits Offered

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Hixme’s Workplace Market Benefit Platform

Amir Pirnia has a proven track record of helping startups develop from early-stage concepts to respected companies. The vice president for technology at startup Hixme, Amir Pirnia, among others, developed strategies and led implementation efforts in building a scalable cloud platform and backend matching algorithm that is more effective in health insurance plan selection in the individual market.

In traditional coverage, all family members have the same health coverage as a member of the family with a health issue, even if the other family members do not need that coverage. Hixme is out to disrupt this traditional large-employer health-benefits approach. Through its WorkPlace Market Platform, workers undergo a simple online benefit-shopping experience. 

The platform, supported by proprietary algorithm, evaluates the individual needs and preferences of every member of the family. Workers view an easy-to-comprehend comparison of various coverage choices and costs, allowing them to determi…

About Hixme's BundleMe Service

Since 2015, Amir Pirnia has served as as engineering vice president of Hixme Insurance Solutions, Inc., an analytics company that specializes in developing scalable and flexible healthcare coverage solutions. In his work at Hixme, Amir Pirnia has helped develop some of the company’s most innovative platforms, including BundleMe, a tool that uses care and cost data to help determine the future relative value of products.

The BundleMe service provides a comparison of coverages and plan structures on the Hixme WorkPlace Market against more common employer packages. Through longitudinal analysis of health care costs over a year for a wide sample of adults, the service is also able to compare its plans against self-funded plans and other, less traditional health insurance products. Using this technology, companies that partner with Hixme can feel comfortable that they are offering their employees the most comprehensive analysis of available and affordable health coverage possible with very …